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Strong Work is above all a French sportswear brand with human and responsible values. A sportswear brand whose ethical values are both focused on the well-being of athletes but also that of farmers and workers. Just as for the cultivation of organic cotton, the manufacturing conditions of the sportswear are both responsible and fair. The working conditions of the growers and employees in the various factories all meet ethical requirements. The companies involved in the production of the different Strong Work sportswear are members of the independent Fair Wear Foundation. This independent non-profit organisation guarantees, among other things:

Non-discrimination: Every employee is guaranteed to be treated fairly. No discrimination based on race, colour, sex, religion, politics, trade union membership, nationality, social origin, disability, etc.
No forced labour: A guarantee of no forced labour of any kind.
Right to join trade unions: Every employee is free to join a trade union as he or she sees fit.
Prohibition of child labour: The factories do not employ any children. The age of admission of the various employees may in no case be lower than the age of completion of compulsory schooling.
Decent pay: Every employee has a decent income. Every employee is clearly informed about his or her income and conditions.
Respect for working hours: Each employee shall have reasonable working hours. Working hours shall be in accordance with applicable laws and industry standards.
Working conditions: The various ethical working conditions must be safe and healthy. Every employee should enjoy safe working conditions in a hygienic environment. Employees benefit from effective regulations to prevent any risk of accidents and health hazards. All these fair conditions guarantee that you are buying eco-responsible sportswear that is manufactured in a totally ethical way and free of any chemical materials that could harm your health.

Strong Work makes sure every day to offer you fair trade clothing made of organic cotton with an irreproachable manufacturing ethic. Today, more than ever, the respect of the human being and the environment is an essential issue. Strong Work takes this concern very seriously and makes sure to always be in accordance with its principles.

Strong Work: No excuses just sweat!


Strong Work is deeply attached to the values of respect for human beings. It is important to be totally transparent towards athletes who are sensitive to the different manufacturing conditions of their sportswear. Choosing an organic sportswear brand is a responsible choice which answers to deeply human values. Choosing Strong Work is choosing an ethical French brand that takes the conditions of its employees seriously. Within the different factories it is important to know that each fair-trade sportswear is made in conditions that respect human beings. We all have our own principles that reflect our personality. Strong Work is no exception to the rule because of its resolutely ethically committed mindset. Organic cotton farming is growing year after year. According to the Textile Exchange report of 2019 the world production of organic cotton has increased by 56%. This is an interesting figure which alone shows the favourable development of organic cotton farming. This increase in organic cotton production is a good thing for us, if it respects the working conditions of the men and women who produce it. Men and women who cultivate high quality organic cotton every day to provide an exceptional raw material. There is a great disparity in the working conditions in the world of textile cultivation and manufacture. In the traditional textile industry, it is common to find terrible working conditions that affect the health of the workers. The use of huge quantities of chemical fertilisers that are harmful to humans is frequently used in cotton fields. The unreasonable use of pesticides leads to dramatic soil pollution. The soil loses its fertility over time and farmers must use more and more fertiliser year after year. This is a real vicious circle that undeniably leads to the destruction of the environment. The environmental impact is affected by this pollution, especially the different ecosystems. The biodiversity of plants and animals is affected by this pollution. The traditional cotton industry leads to the emergence of serious diseases among farmers who neglect to take precautions when using pesticides and fertilisers. The danger for the consumer is very real, especially for athletes who wear clothing such as T-shirts next to their skin. Wearing this type of clothing in contact with the skin, particularly during physical activity such as sport, is eminently harmful to health. The skin of athletes, moistened by sweat, is more vulnerable when in contact with fabrics impregnated with chemicals. Having an ethical approach to the origin of raw materials to protect workers and consumers is essential to us. Strong Work makes sure every day that the different organic cotton sportswear is ethically responsible.

Strong Work: No excuses just Sweat!