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Strong Work® Sportswear
Healthy living, taking care of your body and wearing quality clothes that respect your health go hand in hand! It is mainly as a result of this observation that STRONG WORK was born! STRONG WORK stands for all committed athletes who drive themselves to the very end. Determined sportsmen and women who have chosen a thrilling lifestyle fuelled by adrenaline.


The STRONG WORK adventure has its origin in multiple experiences of practising sports at various grounds. It is through the countless hours spent on these sports fields, running and sweating, that the birth of the STRONG WORK project is best understood today. STRONG WORK is a brand of clothing created by athletes for athletes. As athletes ourselves, our various meetings over the past few years with many sports enthusiasts who are passionate about sportswear have been the starting point for logical observation and awareness. In the course of our numerous exchanges and meetings with sportsmen and women, remarks related to the inconvenience of wearing clothes frequently came up. Sensations of itching, redness, tingling, allergic symptoms due to the multiple chemical components of the fabrics, the result of industrial manufacturing processes. As athletes, we are all the more concerned. In particular, because during a training session, our skin wet with sweat promotes the penetration of chemical molecules toxic to our body *. Our skin is one of the main pathways through which toxic products can enter the human body. This key feature was decisive when it came to choosing the quality of future fabrics. Bearing these facts in mind, it was important to design a clothing brand not only suitable for various sports but which would also respect the body and the health of each and every athlete.

We spend countless hours sharing unforgettable moments on sports fields. Unique events that mark our lives with memorable moments of self-fulfilment. At some time, we have all thought back to those unique moments that are the highlights of our lives. The cries of joy and motivation still echo in our minds. Replay the match again in our heads, tread the track where we sweated, recall the odour of the room in which we gave so much of ourselves. The love of sport also requires sacrifice and determination in order to fulfil our potential. Moments of accomplishment so special that you have worked for day after day, year after year. The power of sport and the emotions it creates in us is simply unique. STRONG WORK naturally understood this and supports you every day through your passion. We take care of your body, closest to your skin. Our fabrics are naturally organic and respect your health.

As passionate athletes, we know what it is like to spend many hours day after day forging a physique. Always pushing our limits a little more, driven by our determination, the love of sport is above all a means of personal and collective achievement but also the sharing of values ​​through unique emotions.

Healthy living, taking care of your body and wearing quality clothes that respect your health go hand in hand! It is mainly as a result of this observation that STRONG WORK was born!

Many sportswear brands focus solely on design, completely disregarding the environmental values ​​that are essential to the health and comfort of athletes. In fact, we found unfortunately that it was difficult to find brands committed to an environmental and fair manufacturing process while offering unique and authentic creations. We found that this was yet another source of motivation for the development of a new sportswear brand that could bring together the best of both worlds.

The idea gradually took root in our minds until it eventually played an essential part in our determination to confront this problem, as an individual but also, of course, as a sportsman. We knew that wearing clothes suitable for athletes would be a logical development right from the start, starting with the choice of materials rigorously selected for their natural and organic qualities.

Bringing together these specific features in a single brand of sportswear clothing was immediately the sine qua non condition for the birth of STRONG WORK. From this simple and logical observation, it became obvious to design a unique and authentic sportswear collection. Our company has made the choice to base its ethics on these values ​​so that our philosophy is firmly anchored at the heart of all our creations!

Strong Work Vêtements Biologique et Equitable


Creating unique and responsible clothing that respects athletes and their environment is knowing how to surround yourself with the right people. Men and women committed to an eco-responsible and fair process. Unique creations manufactured by partners joining the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION.

FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. It gives you the assurance that our creations comply with several policies in terms of respecting workers' rights. In particular : legal contracts, safe and secure conditions, respect for reasonable working hours, a decent and living wage, no child labour, no discrimination, no bonded labour, freedom of association.

As sportspeople, we all know that feeling comfortable in our training gear is one of the essential characteristics of our well being. Because nothing is more unpleasant than wearing clothes made of chemicals and being confronted with any kind of irritation on our skin.

It is through the many hours of experience as an athlete spent on sports fields running and sweating that the birth of STRONG WORK can be understood today. STRONG WORK is a clothing brand created by athletes for athletes !

It was, therefore, an obvious choice for us to design authentic organic cotton creations in order to respect your body in the closest possible way. Soft organic cotton clothing, comfortable to wear and completely free of any chemical harmful to your health. It is an ideal material especially for anyone sensitive to allergies ! No more itching and other irritations ! Your skin will thank you!

Thanks to these multiple qualities, organic cotton is the natural choice for the clothing for a wide range of sporting activities.
Among these essential qualities we note in particular:

  • Softness
  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Excellent durability
  • Allergen-free
  • Anallergenic
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Anti-mould
  • No chemical products

These are some of the qualities that make STRONG WORK a brand apart whose creations are simply authentic and remarkable.

Today, STRONG WORK is a sportswear brand with very strong values ​​centred around a community of passionate athletes who all share the same passion! The love of sport but also the desire to wear unique and authentic clothing with responsible and Fair Trade characteristics.

Respect for human beings and their environment is an integral part of our DNA!

Faithful to our values ​​of respect for the environment and for people, STRONG WORK works every day alongside men and women who are sensitive to these values. The desire to choose natural materials made from 100% organic cotton that makes significantly less impact on our planet than conventional cotton. *

  • Reduction of global warming of 46%.
  • Reduction in water consumption of 91%.
  • Reduction in primary energy demand of 62%.
  • Reduction of soil acidification by 70%.
  • Reduction of soil erosion by 26%.

STRONG WORK is an organic clothing brand for all sports enthusiasts who are looking for the best in order to support them day by day in the pursuit of their goals!

Strong Work Sportswear - Organic Sportswear - Sustainable T-shirt - Gym wear


STRONG WORK is above all a brand created by sports enthusiasts ! We are passionate about emotions and constantly looking for sensations. The birth of the STRONG WORK brand is the result of a simple and logical observation: living healthy and taking care of your body is great, but wearing quality clothing that respects our health is even better! It is mainly because of this observation that STRONG WORK was born : offering sportswear with exceptional qualities to the greatest number of athletes in order to be in line with our passion for sport! We have rigorously selected and created a wide range of sportswear clothing for all lovers of intense sensations in search of achieving their best ever results.

At STRONG WORK, we are inspired by achieving your best more than anything else. STRONG WORK is above all inspired by athletes. Through a community of athletes, who have chosen a healthy lifestyle made up of sharing emotions and determination. Whether in a team or an individual sport, we are all united by the same passion, which is the love of pushing yourself to do your best!

STRONG WORK is pleased to welcome you to our site and to be able to offer you a very wide range of clothing for all athletes wishing to acquire the best for their comfort.

T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Polos, Shorts, Jogging pants etc ... Here we invite you to discover some of our creations through our online store.

STRONG WORK is not just about T-shirts but rather about clothing creations of unique quality and authenticity, from the design to the choice of materials and the different elements that make up our creations.

Unique creations for men and women inspired by the world of sport who are always looking for the best. STRONG WORK accompanies you during all your activities by offering you original and exclusive models for your enjoyment.

A very wide range of T-shirts designed for your well-being, including the Inspiration collection. A line of T-Shirts with inspiring and revealing messages for athletes of character who have made the choice of determination.

Unique creations with a wide choice of cuts and colours:

At STRONG WORK, you will also appreciate our range with a large choice of cuts and colours that will make everyone happy.
Classic cut, v-cut, tank top, 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, embroidered polo shirtsweatshirt, hoodie etc. A very wide choice of variations and sizes to suit every athlete. Our creations range from XS to S, M, L, XL, and XXL and you will have the choice between multiple colours designed to suit your different tastes and personalities. White, black, grey, blue, red, and much more. Choose your clothing style and assert your personality!

Wearing STRONG WORK creations means wearing natural clothes manufactured without chemicals for your comfort and to respect your daily health. Strong Work creations are as soft to the touch as they feel next to your skin. Each of our 3 collections has been created and shaped using high-quality ring-spun combed organic cotton.

The quality of the fabrics used to create our organic clothing combined with the unique designs of our brand printed with an ecological ink (certified OEKO-TEX 100) in the heart of the fibres represents the essence of our values. Today, these exceptional characteristics today make STRONG WORK the brand of choice for athletes looking for high-quality clothing. High-end natural clothing for better sensations, ideal conditions for better performance. Discover the essence of our brand's DNA through our different models.

Passion, Performance, Determination. STRONG WORK accompanies you every day towards your greatest successes.

STRONG WORK: No excuses just Sweat