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Sportswear, Activewear, Streetwear. Discover timeless styles.

August 20, 2021 3 min read

Sportswear, Activewear, Streetwear. Discover timeless styles.

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Comfortable, functional and elegant at the same time, Strong Work clothes, because of their specificity, adapt quite naturally to a sportswear look. Wearing organic clothing for sport that is also stylish for our everyday life is also Strong Work. Lifestyle sportswear or activewear is the meeting of the world of sports and fashion for several years now, which attracts many sportsmen and women who love a casual look. STRONG WORK has thought about sportsmen and women but also about all those who are unconditional fans of the sportswear look because of their lifestyle. All our collections are of course of high quality and can easily be worn outside of training days for more casual moments. A wide range of comfortable clothing that will naturally be worn outside the training grounds while providing you with a sense of well-being on your days off.

Strong Work Sportswear - Sustainable T-shirt - Gym wear


The sportswear style is one of those styles that comes naturally. The feeling of wearing clothes that are both chic and casual in design is part of the reason why sportswear has been so popular for decades now. Sportswear has this originality and authenticity that attracts sportsmen and women like a magnet, but also people who are simply looking for a comfortable and relaxed style. Both universal and timeless, sportswear has become a style in its own right over the years, adopted by men and women of all backgrounds. At STRONG WORK you will appreciate the wide range of models and colours that will make everyone happy. T-Shirt, Tank top, Polo, Sweat-Shirt, Hoodie etc... A very large choice of sizes and variations for the happiness of each sportsman. Our creations go from XS to S, M, L, XL, and XXL. You will have the choice between multiple colours adapted to your different tastes and personalities. White, black, grey, blue, red, and many more. Choose your style of clothing and assert your personality!

Strong Work Sportswear - Sustainable and organic sportswear - Tank Top for women


Activewear is simply a sportswear inspired look for people with an active lifestyle. The activewear style was created to meet the demand of people who want to have casual clothing. For many, activewear is confused with sportswear in terms of look and design. However, while sportswear is more about appealing to sportsmen and women with designs that are adapted to their practice, the activewear look is more about appealing to people who feel the need to have clothes that are practical to use. In fact, we can see that people looking for activewear clothing naturally find their happiness with sportswear designed for sportsmen. Indeed, the numerous collections and models available among the sportswear have seduced many people who do not practice sports activities and who nevertheless willingly recognize the practical and comfortable side of sportswear. Strong Work sees it every day through its different collections and models which are both ergonomic and comfortable to use. It attracts men and women who are sensitive to this clothing look inspired by the world of sport.

Strong Work Sportswear - Organic T-shirt - Gym wear


For many people, streetwear is the way to wear a city style while keeping a casual look. The combination of sportswear and streetwear is one of the timeless classics of street fashion. Streetwear fashion literally translates as street clothing and was born in the 80's in the ghettos of New York with influences from the world of Hip Hop, Skate and Surf culture. Streetwear really took on its full dimension during the 90s. This decade marked the advent of mythical brands such as Champion, Fila, Kappa, Umbro, Ellesse or Sergio Tacchini. Here are a few examples of brands that came out with clothing models that are still iconic today. Streetwear is part of a style of clothing in which cultures have adopted sportswear and accessories to create their own identity. Amongst these sportswear garments we can note in particular the T-Shirt, Sweat-Shirt, Polo, Hooded sweatshirt, cap. The various Strong Work collections are no exception to the rule and are naturally in harmony with this clothing trend in the most beautiful way. Our creations range from the sober and pure T-Shirt and Sweat-Shirt to the T-Shirt and Sweat-Shirt with inspiring and affirming designs.

Sport has had a remarkable influence on the world of fashion over the last few decades. The year 2000 is no exception, as we can now see collaborations with several luxury fashion brands including: Prada, Dior, Chanel, Balmain etc... These collaborations definitely elevate the sportswear culture to an iconic style in the history of the fashion world.